Guided by the principle that music should be personal and timeless, I am a recording artist, producer, and DJ based in New York.

Born into a musical family, I grew up listening to Stevie Wonder, Steely Dan, Earth Wind & Fire, etc. and watching my dad writing and recording in the studio, and have vivid memories of being on the road with him between the ages of 3 and 6. Unsurprisingly, this led to me stealing his equipment to experiment with my own sound and compositions, eventually “borrowing” turntables from my uncle and DJing high school parties while I myself was in the 6th grade. As I started discovering music for myself, I gravitated towards artists as varied as Tribe Called Quest, The Police, Beastie Boys, and Wu Tang Clan. After working at a studio in my hometown, I sought out artists to collaborate with, going so far as literally waiting around in the lobbies of prominent record labels and recording studios. This paid off, leading to me becoming a multi-platinum record producer.

In 2013, I formed Lipstick Gypsy with singer/songwriter John Thomas. A pop duo with funk overtones, we were signed to Epic Records by heavyweight execs Antonio “L.A” Reid and Salaam Remi in 2015.

Most recently, I’ve been focusing on Lipstick Gypsy, as well as select production projects, and DJing exclusive events for celebrities, VIP clients, and prestigious brands and venues.




Jay Z "What The Game Made Me" ("I Got The Hook Up" Movie Soundtrack)
Mary J. Blige "Press On" (Love & Life)
Big Sean "Home" ("Finally Famous" Mixtape)
Kelly Osbourne (Sleeping In Nothing)
"Baby Boy" Soundtrack ("Baby Boy" "You")
Case "Shoulda Known Better" ("Johnson's Family Vacation" Soundtrack/Single)
Musiq Soulchild "Halfcrazy" Remix (Single)
Mya & Nicki Minaj "Ponytail" Remix (Single)
Ghostface "Ghostshowers" "Flowers" (Bulletproof Wallets)
Koffee Brown "I Got Love" "Quickie" (Mars/Venus)
Brand Nubian "Don't Let It Go To Your Head" (Featured on HBO's "Entourage" Series Finale/Single)
Trey Songz "Heart Attack" (Remix)
Passion Pit "Take A Walk" (Remix)

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Lipstick Gypsy is my pop/funk collab with singer/songwriter John Thomas. We were signed to Epic Records by heavyweight execs Antonio “L.A” Reid and Salaam Remi in 2015.

While paying homage to the greats that came before us, our goal is to bridge the gap between modern and classic pop. If Madonna and Prince had a sonic lovechild, Lipstick Gypsy would be it. The stories we weave together in our music are cinematic and relatable and our musical oeuvre is an ongoing conversation of love, loss, and wanderlust.  




DJing informs the music I create by allowing me to stay ahead of trends and connect to pop culture, new sounds, and the collective consciousness that music inspires. I’ve been fortunate enough to spin at private events for the likes of Madonna, John Mayer, Lenny Kravitz, Lulu Gainsbourg, Renee Zellweger, and Mike D.